Updates about GSOC Project Plasma Dashboard in Skrooge

Hi Planet >>

I am Siddharth Sharma (h4xordood) from India and I am working on my GSOC Project “Plasma Dashboard in Skrooge”.
Guillaume de Bure (gdebure) is mentoring me on this project :), Stephane(Core developer,designer & architect of skrooge) for explaining me archtecture of skrooge and Aron Seigo (aseigo) has been co mentoring me and throwing ideas about intergration of kpart and skrooge plus Plasma related questions.I feel really great working with all these people as i am new contributer to KDE and Ryan Rix (rrix) as he is the first friend at KDE Plasma who helped me alot in understanding things here.

Rix and I have been working on our GSOC projects.I am hacking skrooge and some part of code in kpart while rrix has been working on kpart applet selector and many more things there plus his project Plasma “Kontact Summary”.So far i am able to get my plasmoids on dashboard with the help of my mentors. Right now we have our own plasma dashboad that isnt using kpart plasma dashboard.

below is the Screenshot of ToolBox Actions

Though Skrooge team wants kpart to be used in skrooge so i tried to load that kpart into our skrooge dashboard removing our previous plasma dashboard.Though i feel bad now :( cant make skroogoids shown on this kpart dashboard. i have hacked config files to load these applets here.
I am working on showing our skroogooids onto kpart. :) soon get them onto it.
We have skroogoids as QWidgets which i wrapped into plasma applet so they being tightly integrated with our skrooge application i need to code an interface so that we can put those skroogoids onto it.

    • Alejandro Nova
    • June 19th, 2010

    For the love of $DEITY, when will someone implement a grid for Plasma? It is needed in the desktop, but we can live without it. However, with resizable windows we’ll cry a lot for a grid, or we will be condemned to an eternal punishment of resizing to the pixel. Please…

      • Siddharth
      • June 28th, 2010

      sorry for replying late here :) we are trying to implement newspaper view on our dashboard. grid for plasma as in ?

    • killer1987
    • June 21st, 2010

    it is reallly a great job! keep it on this way, good work


      • Siddharth
      • June 28th, 2010

      thnkx alot :) for motivation and inspiration hope i would come up with something good :)

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